Can you sue a university for false advertising

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False advertising is a type of fraud. Big’ murder sting By Wendy Gillis Crime Reporter Fri. A customer could trip and fall on the premises, or a defective product could hurt someone or burn down a house, or a competitor might sue over allegedly false advertising. The statement has to qualify as defamatory before legal action is even considered. and flat-out false advertising—something that has been generally glossed over despite being heavily addressed by media. False arrest is a crime and a civil harm, enabling the victim to sue for damages in a civil lawsuit. What does it mean to register a trademark? 6. By. Simply SCAMMY. In most jurisdictions, what can parents do regarding their children's right to sue? a. There are ways that businesses carry out false advertising. IL Advertising · Contacts · Classifieds. 7. When you need help, we are ready to fight for you. As part of the settlement, DeVry had to forgive some students' loans and debts. The Elements of Fraudulent Misrepresentation. Experts say that if it is successful, the suit could give students another way Jun 03, 2004 · (This article was originally posted June 3, 2004. S. District Chief Judge Irma Gonzalez said there’s conflicting evidence on Nov 27, 2017 · When asked about the optics of threatening students and a student newspaper with legal action, Scaramucci responded, “When you guys get a little older and you start running businesses—especially if you are an entrepreneur—and your reputation in this business is super valuable…you will fight aggressively defamatory public remarks that I hope the UNITES STATES GOVERNMENT can fix this fraud issue before the public gets fed up with this waste of capital. If you believe a company is advertising something that is not true, there is something you can do. Mar 10, 2018 · Your attorney can also assess whether you have a right to bring an action for violation of your civil rights because of your wrongful arrest. Did we have a right to sue for false advertising? According to new legislation being pushed by the Obama administration, we were and Still, you can't go through with contract AND sue the seller very easily. We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering consumers to protect themselves against false and deceptive marketing. " Note that you can choose between various types of model release, which are of varying complexity. False, You may have a beneficial motive that results in Why can’t you sue Be honest and completely open about your experience, but don’t be afraid to point the finger at DeVry if they really did trick you into signing up for their school with illegal false advertising claims. I want to know if I can sue for unlawful arrest. And the next thing you know, an expert is hired who will tie the violations of the Code of Ethics to particular violations of Florida Statute 475, and then tell the jury all about it. Those lies can do more than hurt your The DeVry University was accused in San Antonio federal court, after alleging it committed fraud such as misrepresentation of false statements about employment rates and income of their graduates. “I don’t know how much you know about helicopters and how much they cost, but they cost a bit more than $50,” Olive said recently. , a manufacturer and seller of laser printers, sued Static Control Components, Inc. When you win, sue back for all the money that you can get. Also, Prager University lacks Lanham Act standing for these claims because it’s claiming to be a consumer of YouTube, not a competitor or other market participant in the relevant standing zone. How to use sue in a sentence. You were MENASHA (WITI) — The University of Phoenix is under fire again -- this time by the federal government. options for limiting consumers' rights to sue over allegedly deceptive health claims. In some countries advertising practices (including "truth in advertising") are regulated by a government authority (FTC in the USA), in others the advertising industry is self-regulated and professional associations combat false advertising. Dec 14, 2016 · Victoria University has settled with former student Thomas D'Souza after he sued them for misrepresentation of his engineering course as being accredited by a regulating body. . What we do. This person took advantage of my family and now they refuse to give back the money they took from us. The other university where I did research said that there was no way I could use any Sue does research in Forensic Psychology. In the May 03, 2017 · Watch your complaints on social media, companies can sue you Soweto-born advertising specialist challenges false assumptions made by marketing companies about black (and township) consumers. Mar 16, 2016 · The lawsuit essentially accuses the university of false advertising and violating the Kansas Consumer Protection Act. you can sue him or her for libel. Brian Coggio recently wrote a piece titled “Hatch-Waxman Actions: Who Do You (Can You) Sue?” in the Pharmaceutical Compliance Monitor. Citizen? What Government contractors and grant recipients can be sued under the False Claims Act? Can anyone sue or be sued under the False Claims Act? DeVry University False Advertising. Nor can Ariana Grande realistically prevent photojournalists from using their own images of her if the use does not constitute misrepresentation. Can give up their children's rights to sue b. going to see Titanic so you can have a good cry. Sep 19, 2018 · An applicant to the Duke University School of Law is suing the university after being denied admittance. e. 25 Dec 2015 Clark Moffatt would put in the work and study hard, and one day be latest in a growing number of graduates in the US suing universities in an  10 Aug 2014 Unlike other things that can get you sued, defamation may be a criminal The online legal library at Cornel University Law School explains this  1 Jan 2006 However, The Wall Street Journal op-ed column raises an interesting In 1998, Pizza Hut filed a false advertising claim against Papa John's, . A couple in New Jersey is suing Taco Bell after they were charged $12. If you are prepared to sue the company that deceived you, there are steps you should follow to prepare yourself for the lawsuit. It is unlawful to make false or misleading representations about products and services when supplying, offering to supply or promoting those products or services. 10 All these legal counterweights, it can be argued, leave commercial signifiers freely available as resources “for the construction of identity and community . gage in deliberate misconduct, aggrieved clients may sue for professional neg-ligence, commonly described as legal malpractice, or for breach of fiduciary duty. Limitations on Settlements and Awards. But little science exists to substantiate the effectiveness or even safety of these therapies, and regulators are starting to crack down on false advertising and dangerous experiments occurring at these clinics. NR our advertising department can be more than accommodating if emailed: Fix the road to the University Hospital. It lost accreditation in 2002 for not meeting accreditation standards but regained it after suing the accreditor. Farron Cousins - May 9, 2019 filed a class action saying, listen, you guys can’t Organizations may sue or be sued regarding slanderous statements that injure a person or business's reputation. org Says: January 12th, 2011 at 8:57 pm […] bad publicity from this “controversial practice” at for-profit colleges, along with reports on their […] Advertising is a critical part of a successful med spa or IV therapy clinic. What sources of law govern trademarks? 3. com, Provo, State-level consumer protection and false advertising laws protect . The issue is that it seems my college lied to me about what I was supposed to be learning under the program I am in (phlebotomy). Mar 29, 2019 · How to Sue for Deceptive Advertising. Mr. However, you must be able to prove the necessary elements of a defamation suit if you wish to collect damages. Aug 26, 2010 · Can I sue student finance for misleading me? Show the papers you have from the University that said you were good to go. Judge Rules Non-Profits Can Sue Monsanto for Misleading Safety Labeling of Popular Herbicide Roundup (Beyond Pesticides, May 7, 2018) Beyond Pesticides and The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) today responded to a federal judge’s ruling against Monsanto Co. Breach. Smith, a political scientist at the University of Pennsylvania, have for years been beating the drum for the idea that the Fourteenth Amendment Our attorneys have served as lead counsel for whistleblowers in false claims lawsuits that have resulted in nearly $2 billion in recoveries for federal and state taxpayers. Our Practice. A civil rights attorney will evaluate all aspects of your case and explain all options available to you, in order to ensure the best possible outcome for your case. It is not "legal advice" but Apr 14, 2013 · May I sue my university for false advertising and change of program. The term "private facts Scenario: Assume that you're running for the U. Taking legal action against telemarketers will usually involve retaining a lawyer who is experienced in filing TCPA lawsuits. Graduate loses bid to sue Mar 18, 2015 · California taxis sue Uber, allege false advertising, unfair competition Valley and the technology industry for The Times’ business section before leaving in 2018 to pursue her MFA at the Her comments were echoed by representatives of several of the other schools being sued. We regularly litigate matters under the federal Lanham Act and state laws regarding false advertising and deceptive trade practice. Politicians still can lie legally, and the high volume of ads expected in 2008 Most states operate a small claims court system where you can sue another party for up to a specified maximum limit set by each state. 12 Feb 2019 Everything you need to know about the University of Phoenix Fundamentally you will accuse the University of providing false advertisement. The above is general legal and business analysis. However, it is often unreported. people harmed by deceptive advertising can sue the firm and receive compensation. Jan 15, 2011 · An attorney can explore with you all of the background facts and legal and practical considerations and take into account the laws of the state or country in which you live, which may, in some instances, differ from the laws in a state, such as New York, where I am licensed to practice law. Because the Supreme Court rejected all of the Who can sue under the False Claims Act? Can organizations bring a lawsuit? What about unions? Do you have to be a resident of the United States or a U. There are some issues that can’t be resolved in a court of law. For example, if false advertising damages a business to the extent that the business can’t pay its rent, the False advertising is often a crime. We are reissuing it now, updated only to fix bad links and such. In order to prevail in a lawsuit for fraudulent misrepresentation, the plaintiff must be able to prove the following six elements: A representation was made (in contract law, a representation is any action or conduct that can be turned into a statement of fact). a Republican Form of Government and False Advertising,” Kennedy wrote that the The false advertising was “precisely the type of information a reasonable prospective student would rely on in deciding whether to pursue a criminal justice degree at the Schools. “False advertising” and “stealing money from you” (in all its many and various forms) is probably harder to prove than you think. You HAVE to report facts more accurately than this, @BBCNews. The representation was false. If you wait any longer than that, you won’t be able to sue. Can give up their child's rights to sue if the child signs a parental permission form May 01, 2017 · If you were a DeVry student between January 1, 2008 and September 30, 2015, you don’t need to do anything to apply for a refund. Effective advertising is vitally important in attracting new patients and informing existing patients of other services you offer. Some of the specifics will be different from one state to the next. week at Georgetown University, but that's not how social media works. C. J. Jun 02, 2019 · The former student sued her university for "exaggerating the prospects of a career". This article will briefly explain how. Damages are awarded only when certain circumstances are present. we care about the quality, we care about how much we could learn. 2 Jun 2019 The former student sued her university for "exaggerating the "But actually we care about the quality, we care about how much we could learn. Some You can't press charges for false accusations, but you may be able to sue the person who made the untrue statements in civil court and obtain a monetary award against him. Overview of Trademark Law 1. 3 In 2008, in the case of Riegel v. District Court, alleging false Oct 29, 2019 · While Facebook’s advertising rules have long prohibited ads with “deceptive, false, or misleading content” – relying on its “third-party fact-checkers” to identify violations of these policies – Facebook subsequently revised these rules to exempt political ads run by politicians through a policy that withholds such ads from third Aug 28, 2013 · Judge Greg Mathis August 28, 2013 · LEGAL TIP: You can sue a person who falsely initiates a restraining order against you by filing a claim against them for malicious prosecution. The goal of buyer's attorney should likely be to seek some kind of concession(s), credits, price adjustment. also to consumers who are protected indirectly from false advertising by the liability Section 43(a) places on those who engage in false advertising. 8 million judgment from a jury. But when a branding strategy is unethical -- or is perceived as unethical by consumers -- it can backfire, resulting in significant negative publicity for your business. The defendants' advertising also relies heavily on consumer testimonials, I can't thank you enough. But in reality, securing damages for stress and trauma is pretty challenging. Deceptive or false advertising runs rampant with car dealerships, and the reason is because they work! Their goal is to get people onto their lot where they can use every sales trick in the book to get you to sign on the Aug 17, 2009 · I would like to sue someone for fraud and false advertising. I am the victim of defamation: Document your claim—when, where and how was a false statement published? Act quickly, you have a limited time in which to sue; Contact an experienced personal injury lawyer Aug 02, 2009 · Entitlement Society: Grad Can't Find Job, Sues Her College For Tuition Back. Sue Sherman presented her most recent research investigating the production of false memories in advertising. The University WON costs of £13,700 in the County Court. I am a graduate student that enrolled in a Phd program that had a time frame of 3 years as i was in the half of my second year ( 6 According to the Code of Commercial Law, false advertising in Maryland is forbidden. Each lawsuit goes to a trial where a judge makes a final ruling, and neither party is represented by an attorney. Share. As far as lawsuits go, anyone can sue anyone for anything. A study by Alfred University found that 250,000 students underwent some sort of hazing to join a college athletic team, and 5 percent of all college students report being hazed at some point in their college careers. Mark Zuckerberg’s evasion of responsibility for the false information disseminated in political ads on the platform, and the ambiguity of election laws about This is a private nonprofit University that uses false advertising in admissions materials. You can find additional samples by doing a basic Internet search for "model release. If a competitor is using false advertising to gain a competitive advantage over your business, our false advertising lawyers can take immediate action to stop that advertising including filing a false May 30, 2006 · Can you sue your university? Selman Ansari. But banks are quietly adding language to their account terms and services that take away your right to a day in court, and the law is on their side. Sue for Defamation. So they know that if you go to court, and lose the case their fees fall on you, and you aren't likely to be able to pony up for a protracted case. A good lawyer and plenty of money. to throw against the police at Hong Kong Polytechnic University on Thursday. You are entitled to revoke the agreement seven days after signing. It can cost you thousands of dollars in legal fees. But you can sue for unwanted phone calls. False or deceptive advertising violates state and federal laws designed to protect consumers from companies that use various tactics to lure you into buying faulty merchandise, losing money on If you have suffered financial loss or health repercussions as a result of false advertising, then your case may be more serious. “It ensures that this major student lender can be held accountable in court. Well, under the ADEA, you can revoke the severance agreement and go to court. Witnesses in congressional hearings who make false statements under oath can be prosecuted for perjury, a criminal offense. It is important to first contact your local agency and keep all important Aug 01, 2011 · Can I sue my university for false advertising? So, I attend a university that shall not be named. Coffee Growers Sue Amazon, Walmart & Others For Alleged False Advertising. He has extensive law firm experience as a senior trial attorney and counselor and has litigated disputes across a wide range of technologies with a particular focus in chemical, pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology. So before you start an advertising campaign, it's important you understand some basic rules. The physician's false advertisements of his board certification  3 Oct 2019 Find out more on how we use cookies and how you can change your settings. Brennan* INTRODUCTION In 2002, Lexmark International, Inc. If you win in court, the court cannot collect the money for you. Mar 28, 2014 · Marketers beware: A Supreme Court ruling this week could lead to more false-advertising lawsuits. What prerequisites must a mark satisfy in order to serve as a trademark? 4. Why Some Consumers Benefit From False Advertising Law360, New York (April 7, 2016, 5:26 PM ET) -- Classes of consumers frequently sue companies alleging they suffered economic damages as a result of false advertising or other deceptive promotional activities. One of the myths associated with nonprofit D&O exposures is that there are few Directors — A nonprofit director may sue another board member alleging omissions, misleading statements, and neglect or breach of duty on the part of the  6 Feb 2018 Judge Approves $25 Million Settlement for Trump University Lawsuit to 2010, used false advertising and high-pressure sales techniques to lure them to seminars and told they would be mentored by real estate gurus, leading to the They were folded into one class action suit after Trump was elected,  5 Dec 2017 As More College Students Say “Me Too,” Accused Men Are Suing For Defamation "I can't give you a general rate but can tell you that in one two- week period after Yet defenders of the accused argue the lawsuits are the only option to clear someone's name after a false allegation, . FIGHT BACK. Jan 06, 2017 · Coca-Cola, the world’s largest sugar-sweetened beverage maker, has knowingly diverted the unhealthy effects of sugary drinks through misinformation and false advertising, according to a lawsuit Jan 06, 2017 · Coca-Cola, the world’s largest sugar-sweetened beverage maker, has knowingly diverted the unhealthy effects of sugary drinks through misinformation and false advertising, according to a lawsuit Aug 10, 2009 · Can I file a lawsuit against the manufacturer of my boat for false advertising? I bought a ski boat, and it clearly states it can pull easily pull up an average size adult on a single ski. When false advertising causes damage to a consumer or to another business, it is considered a tort and can give rise to a lawsuit. In likely the “biggest” copyright decision handed down this year, the Ninth Circuit held that copyright owners must consider “fair use” before filing a copyright take-down notice. Leslie Steinberg, associate dean for public affairs at Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles, said, “We’ve always provided accurate data … we gather as much information as comprehensively as possible. listening to your iPod during a workout to increase your energy level. “One of the professors did not know how to use a modern camera,” said one of the  5 Jun 2017 False advertising is misleading or simply untrue information presented to consumers in an advertisement, usually TV, radio, the Internet,  29 Mar 2013 Learn more about our advertising policy. The consumer can sue for false advertising. Graduate Who Has Been Trying to Sue a University for False Advertising Gets a Payout Somehow. ” University students Congress can pre-empt state laws in one of two ways. These cases are brought under different state consumer protection statues. Hello All, . You can complain to the  You can try to sue if you are a competitor and the claims made by the ad are Can you sue a university for false advertisement and stealing money from you? How to Sue for Deceptive Advertising. ” from harassment while “advertising himself as the arbiter of safe spaces. Jul 19, 2018 · Peter H. If say Mcdonalds offers free coffee mondays and doesn't keep its word, then Mar 25, 2015 · Even after a false accusation has been dismissed, you may still need your attorney 3. Prohibits trademark infringement, trademark dilution, and false advertising. A lawyer can help examine the specifics of your situation and the law in your jurisdiction to determine the strength of your claim. Graduate Who Has Been Trying to Sue a University for False Advertising Gets a Payout If you meandered through your university years following your passion  2 Jun 2019 The former student sued her university for "exaggerating the "But actually we care about the quality, we care about how much we could learn. Truthful statements, even if they are negative, do not constitute slander. Lawsuits. Unfair or Deceptive Trade Practices. These cases are brought under Most Students Don’t Know When News Is Fake, Stanford Study Finds Teens absorb social media news without considering the source; parents can teach research skills and skepticism Unless you can prove your employer was actually malicious in making these false statements, you will not be able to win a defamation claim. For nearly two decades, Berger Montague’s Whistleblower, Qui Tam & False Claims Act practice group has represented whistleblowers in matters involving all types of fraud committed against government entities – including healthcare fraud, defense contractor fraud, tax fraud, securities fraud, and commodities fraud. 26. There are tons of resources available to you and clubs and organizations that you can participate in if you so choose. The article discusses what entities can be joined in a Hatch-Waxman suit and what is the best way to frame the complaint to ensure that result. Firstly, they use a technique known as “Ambiguity” or Vagueness. Dec 17, 2010 · Can you get a refund if university fails to deliver? This article is more than 8 years old Increased tuition fees are likely to result in more students claiming compensation when courses are not Under the Lanham Act, in concert with the Clayton Act, A. Perhaps threatening to gum up the works would be enough if the attorney is a tough and effective negotiator. This person is evil to this to my family in such a desperate time. (TINA. Because the TCPA is a federal law, generally the lawsuits will be filed in federal court. In lieu of lawsuits, they require Oct 28, 2011 · At the first Cognitive Science Seminar of the new academic year, Dr. House of Representatives, and you haven't had a lot of luck calling attention to your campaign because you're an unknown college student. What constitutes trademark infringement? 8. This is illegal and terrible unethical. Libel law makes it practically impossible for candidates to collect damages, even if they should win False advertising by a competitor can also harm your business. The Advertising, Marketing & Promotions practice group provides constructive and effective legal advice in the ever-evolving advertising and promotional marketing arena. Consumer Protection Lawsuit Attorneys Free Consultations • Available 24/7 The Carlson Law Firm is no longer accepting DeVry false advertising cases. " First of all, that's not a promise. The woman, who was studying nursing at Misericordia University,  This NPC video looks at federal and state false advertising laws, including lawsuits How many of the ads that we encounter on a daily basis do we take for   12 Sep 2019 A Wesleyan professor is suing the university, accusing the continuous harassment generated by the publication of the false, malicious and degrading “As is our policy, we will not be commenting further on this active litigation. The actual misconduct generally takes place in a private conversation that you aren’t privy to, so it can be hard to prove a defamatory statement was made. What Constitutes a “False Arrest?” Someone who intentionally and wrongfully limits or restricts another person’s personal freedoms, against the victim’s consent, commits the crime of false arrest or false imprisonment. ” In addition, the ruling could have implications for other state-created and state-affiliated student loan agencies across the country, Michelman said. Arizona Hello, I am trying to figure out if I should try to sue my college or forget about it. For example, the Medical Device Amendments of 1976 directly prohibits states from establishing safety requirements for medical devices. It can make the action explicit by clearly stating in a statute that it supersedes state pronouncements on the same subject. The unanimous decision issued Tuesday set new rules for which companies have the standing to sue Aug 30, 2017 · CONTACT ME FOR CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AT: johnleebass@gmail. But, I have tried to get up over a 100 times, and go flying off the ski every time I try. Graduate gets £60k payout over 'false advertising' claim. Oct 29, 2010 · Feds sue Wellness Support Network for false diabetes prevention claims. Branding can help you establish a theme and reputation for your business or product, and well-branded items are easily recognized by consumers. 2 June 2019. Proving it is the next thing and if you do not you can be sued in return. media request to release video testimony in Trump University case students of Trump’s real estate seminars argue that they were defrauded by false advertising Jan 29, 2015 · As you get ready to take in Super Bowl ads, let this 1996 "CBS Evening News" story serve as a reminder to not believe every spot you see - especially if it involves winning a fighter jet. Mar 14, 2016 · I can tell you that the FTC settled a case against DeVry University. 18 for Chalupas. So, let’s say you signed four days ago, and you decide that you want to sue for age discrimination. Aug 22, 2019 · You can't submit a complaint about something that comes down to 'academic judgement' - for example if you're unhappy with a mark or grade you've received. DeVry University and its parent company have agreed to a $100 million settlement of a Federal Trade Commission lawsuit alleging that they misled prospective students with ads that touted high employment success rates and income levels upon graduation. B. For example, a company that falsely advertised that Do not let the legal terms scare you. People involved in disputes -- whether accidents and injuries, family-related issues, or financial disputes -- often rush to judgment and decide to sue. The maximum amount you can sue for malpractice is $350,000. Thank you Everest for ruining my financial life. HOA to sue residents for a private Facebook group. Supreme Court opens the door for new litigation over false advertising in the food industry, experts say. Can give up their child's rights to sue if the child is over 12 years of age d. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the largest federal agency that handles consumer complaints, regulates unfair or deceptive trade practices. 14 Mar 2018 Is it down to your university to find you a job? An international graduate from Hong Kong is suing Anglia Ruskin University for £60,000  14 Dec 2016 A Victoria University brochure with the false advertising about the Bachelor " We would encourage all students to check that their courses are  13 Feb 2018 CHICAGO (CN) – Despite DeVry University's $49 million settlement with the Federal Trade Commission over false advertising, a federal judge ruled Monday cannot sue the for-profit college for falsely claiming 90 percent of its value and the inflated value can only be based on speculative post-graduate  5 Oct 2016 Former Students Sue NYU Over Singapore Art School 'Educational Scam'. Even on the menu board, when you enter the restaurant, that picture shows that thing being full of meat. “ Their focus is on how to recruit as many students as possible  How to Sue for False Advertising. Only an attorney, after careful review, can tell you whether you could win money for damaged credit. Do not start a sjit before preparing for it though. But be careful. You’ll also have to show that the false statement was the reason you were turned down for a new job. False or deceptive advertising violates state and federal laws designed to protect consumers from companies that use  False advertising is often a crime. D. False statements about your products or services may be trade disparagement. 9 False advertising regulation stops trademark holders from building up the meaning of their marks with false or misleading statements. There are several legal claims that come into play when someone is falsely accused or wrongfully prosecuted for a crime. Your business can purchase policies to cover the instances where its exposure is greatest, or you can get a commercial general liability, or CGL, policy which serves as a Extenze agreed to pay $6 million to settle a false advertising class action lawsuit. May 03, 2010 · (CN) – The maker of Monster energy drinks can proceed with its false advertising claims against rival Vital Pharmaceutical, which sells Redline power drinks and 7-Hour Energy Boost, a federal judge in San Diego ruled. . By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. May 06, 2019 · The University of Phoenix is facing a class action lawsuit that will shut the school down for good by court order! The lawsuit was filed out of Arkansas by three former students who withdrew from the university. Defamation is a completely false statement of fact that is injurious, and unprivileged. the OIA can only really look at instances where the university has not followed its own rules; it will also expect students to have exhausted all Mar 26, 2014 · Yesterday, in Lexmark v. May 05, 2011 · Greenwashing: The False Advertising Of The Green Movement by Amanda Martini-Hughes Going “green” used to be more of an environmental movement, one started to protect the fragile state of Earth''s atmosphere and raise awareness when it came to what our choices were doing to the air we breathe and the water we drink. False advertising is lying to consumers, plain and simple. " The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is the main federal agency that enforces advertising laws and regulations. Consider if going to court can give you what you want. Were we misled? Did we have a right to sue for false advertising? 17 Oct 2019 Taco Bell being sued for 'false and misleading' advertising "Our advertisements are truthful and accurate, and we will defend this case  18 Oct 2019 Rebecca Tushnet, a professor of false advertising law at Harvard Law Last year, Harder suggested Trump would take legal action against the  Rebecca Tushnet, a professor of false advertising law at Harvard Law School . Graduate loses bid to sue Oct 02, 2018 · Chinese beauty blogger Hao Yu sues Estée Lauder for false advertising over La Mer product claims claiming that its Crème de la Mer can heal burn scars. ' Jun 12, 2014 · Pom Wonderful Can Sue Coca-Cola for False Advertising More According to Pom, Coke's " Pomegranate Blueberry," drink misleads customers, suggesting that it is a comparable, cheaper alternative to Pom's pomegranate juices — when in reality it's 99 percent apple and grape juice. This research Jun 24, 2015 · Creating false memories; After reading and doing some research I have found that unfortunately I can not sue him for medical malpractice but you can bet I am going to report him to every I feel a university that didn't care for you, would not do this. 99 for a pair of Chalupa Cravings The Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments that look at whether victims of intentionally false claims during a political campaign can sue, a first step to potentially make it illegal to lie about Apr 15, 2014 · Supreme Court To Decide If Politicians Can Be Sued For Lying During A Campaign The Supreme Court is set to hear arguments next week in an important First Amendment case. We use cookies to make interactions with our website easy and meaningful, to better understand the use of our services, and to tailor advertising. on StudyBlue. In this Feb 01, 2016 · Sounds like you are headed for a potential Whistleblower lawsuit. ** If the EEOC can't settle your complaint, you then receive a notice of right to sue. In many cases, you can't sue a hospital for a doctor's treatment error, unless the doctor is an employee of the hospital (most are not), or when the doctor's incompetence should have been obvious to the hospital. The most common are civil claims based on either defamation of character, or malicious prosecution and/or false imprisonment. Static Control, the Supreme Court articulated new standards about who can sue for false advertising under federal law. Read some important things to think about before you sue, and more, at FindLaw's Hire a Lawyer section. That’s how lawsuits begin. Lawyers aren't dumb, and they want to get paid. Mar 27, 2018 · The court responds that these statements fall “well short” of false advertising because they are puffery. A recent ruling by the U. You may be better off using one of the simpler forms, unless you are planning on using someone's name or likeness in advertising or an obviously commercial use. Can a student sue his/her caribbean school? I understand that we are not physically learing in the US but our'Charter' (at my particular school) is in the US and every tuition check is cashed by our head office which is IN the US. For example, in most states you can be sued for publishing private facts about another person, even if those facts are true. Mar 17, 2007 · You can sue anyone for anytrhing you want. a professor of Housing discrimination is a serious violation, whether it results in fewer housing choices, unfair terms, or some other indignity. It can ruin your reputation. 24 Oct 2019 “Thus, when a politician speaks or makes an ad, we do not send it to third If false claims are made, candidates are free to sue for defamation, but it's a . offer in terms of corn or soybeans to feed pigs – because we just do not have any . When consumers see or hear an advertisement, whether it’s on the Internet, radio or television, or anywhere else, federal law says that ad must be truthful, not misleading, and, when appropriate, backed by scientific evidence. The date you should have discovered the harm: This is a less common standard, but in some instances the clock starts when you should have discovered the harm, not when you actually did. A clear standard for standing in Section 43(a) false advertising claims that can easily be applied in a consistent manner and is true to the plain meaning of the statute's All businesses must comply with advertising and marketing laws, and failure to do so could result in costly lawsuits and civil penalties. My family has a long list of medical problems (including myself) and this is causing us all a lot of stress. Under some circumstances you can seek an injunction instead of damages and may be permitted standing. I had looked at this thing in tv commercials, and it is shown being full of meat. In Canada, there is a limit on liability awards that prevents individual parties from suing medical practitioners for over a certain amount. How certain are you there's no Hershey's in these tasty treats? Hershey would be very unhappy to hear a restaurant is bragging to customers that it uses its chocola Dec 22, 2012 · As a normal rule you need to have a personal loss to have "standing" to sue. It's obviously demoralizing, and false advertising. False advertising is often a crime. Can You Sue for Hazing Injuries? Hazing is a traumatic and potentially deadly activity plaguing the American university system. 23, 2019 timer 6 min. Contact our offices in New York today for more information about how our lawyers can help you with your marketing law questions. You must show that the party you plan to sue failed to meet his or her contractual obligations ("breach of contract" in legalese). Cannot give up their children's rights to sue c. Schuck of Yale Law School and Rogers M. Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD. “False advertising”, when it is a claim distinct from good old fashioned fraud, is a statutory claim for “unfair trad False advertising is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission, or FTC, thus giving the consumer legal protection against it. By Adam Voiland and Angela Haupt March 30, 2012 Sue definition is - to seek justice or right from (a person) by legal process; specifically : to bring an action against. Although the police isn't using "Asia's finest" to sell anything, one can argue that it is using it to hire people, so wouldn't this be advertising? Although he had to rent a helicopter with his own money to take the picture, the University made an initial offer of $50, he said. , University of Kan- Truth in Advertising, Inc. Destroy someone that has ruined you, and most definitely destroy the same person that is trying to destroy you. Second, if you publish private or personal information about someone without their permission, you potentially expose yourself to legal liability even if your portrayal is factually accurate. No matter how a business communicates with you—whether it’s through advertising, packaging, online, logos, endorsements or a sales pitch—you have the right to receive accurate and truthful messages about the products and services you buy. I have a few 10s of thousands of dollars to spare, and I wonder if the police can be sued for false advertising. The nation’s highest court has resurrected a lawsuit over Hundreds of stem cell clinics in the United States are offering expensive treatments for conditions ranging from heart disease to orthopedic problems. Maryland's highest court says that police officers can be sued for libel if they make false statements to obtain a search warrant, clearing the way for two members of the now disbanded Red Bull Owes You Money Because of False Advertising Claims Get Spoon University delivered to you sue Red Bull because it didn’t literally give you wings. If you win, it's the same situation because the girl is going to plead poor-house, while mooching off mom and dad. watching TV in a public place to make you feel more relaxed. Mark and Rhonda Lesher of False or misleading representations explained. purposely negative and horrible and false articles, we can sue them and win  We created an 11-item electronic data collection form in Qualtrics (Qualtrics. However, because the litigation status may change at any time, check back periodically for updates. ) False advertising: BU’s cost of attendance as published on their website does not include how much you will spend on alcohol, laundry, party clothes, stress Chipotle, and unnecessary Ubers from one side of campus to the other. U. Truth in Advertising @TruthinAd. You can complain to the appropriate agencies, sue them for false advertising, or you can do both of those. “Eastman did not sue Defendants over Dr. NAU officials also told them education credits earned could be applied  Learn when you might have a legal claim arising from an employer's decision Can you sue an employer because you weren't hired – or because of things the To violate this type of law, the former employer typically has to make threats or false statements. Kaplan Educational Centers has filed suit against the Princeton Review-which controls 50 percent of the SAT software market, according to a spokesperson-in U. Online MBA With Marketing Management Specialization. If you have been injured, contact one of our attorneys today, and begin the legal process of gaining compensation for injuries you have suffered. So the question is not so much, "Can you sue someone for selling you a non-purebred dog" but rather is, "what's the likelihood I will prevail if I learn someone has sold me a non-purebred dog?" The answer, like everything else in the law, depends upon a few factors. Fortunately, our database of personal injury lawyers is also broad, and is composed of excellent attorneys who specialize in a wide variety of personal injury claims. Whitman School of Management, students can access the top-ranked program from anywhere while continuing to work. Assuming you've scraped together some money, can a local television station legally refuse to sell you an ad Apr 07, 2016 · Classes of consumers frequently sue companies alleging they suffered economic damages as a result of false advertising or other deceptive promotional activities. If that’s the case, the employer must abide by the terms of the contract. Nov 04, 2013 · You are so right on this! But it can be a Negative for some. These types of tactics are known as false advertising or bait & switch, and you can sue the dealer for these violations. With a little understanding and guidance, you can easily navigate these legal landmines and avoid stressing that your published work will land you in court. If your local agency is unable to help you, then you can consult a business attorney to go over the facts and review possible remedies. Jul 25, 2019 · Can Louis CK Sue You for Telling His Jokes? It’s not likely, unless you do so for profit. Slanderous statements are false and must be published, meaning spoken, to a third party. Joel Hirschbach, has a problem with ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books. Slander is verbal, not written, in nature. Study 157 Test 2 Business Law 1 (Worksheet) flashcards from Tyler R. It promotes quackery and writes false and misleading statements in admissions literature. You told us that the school told you "that obtaining a high education degree will open many doors and it’ll be easier to have a job. athletics for laws, rules, and regulations that may impact colleges and universities. D. Back to News Listing. Oct 24, 2019 · Sue Halpern on the Facebook C. E. The FTC settlement secures significant financial Jul 16, 2017 · Taco Bell should sue themselves for false advertising. Apr 10, 2017 · This is somehow the university’s fault, and these animals deserve their day in court! 1. How Long Are Statutes of Limitation Generally? It's hard to find a general number, but it's safe to say that you almost always have at least a year to file a Since Walden University has had lawsuit troubles it will be fairly easy for you to prove that they misled you via false advertising. Allegation. Q: Can people be sued for false political advertising? A: Targets of false ads rarely sue. Victims of false arrest in Connecticut can face many unnecessary and harmful consequences. Mar 30, 2012 · 10 Things the Food Industry Doesn't Want You to Know Nutrition experts argue that you can’t take marketing campaigns at face value. 6 Jun 2019 (AP) — Two former Missouri college students are suing a for-profit school, into borrowing thousands of dollars in student loans with false assurances advertisements, recruiting materials and 'recruiters' and enrollment 'advisers. So I imagine, the identity thief is probably someone you know, love or trust. Aug 26, 2015 · You cannot just sue somebody for saying something mean, even if you felt it hurt your business. the University of Hong Kong with a Aug 24, 2019 · You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. A hospital must keep every patient’s medical records for at least a few years after treatment. Sep 20, 2017 · To catch a paedophile, you only need to look at their hands When a paedophile or rapist films their crime, professor Sue Black can track them down using nothing more than the veins, scars and Can I provide real names of participants in a qualitative research study? could take issue with it and sue. For instance, a business must not make false or misleading representations about: the standard, quality, value or grade of products or Jan 30, 2013 · False advertising however is fake or untrue information about a product that is advertised to the public so that they consumers will buy the product or visit the store. If you were eligible for loan or debt forgiveness from DeVry, you should have gotten a letter or email from DeVry by the end of January 2017. University You are protected against 2 main categories of unfair commercial practices: misleading practices, either through action (giving false information) or omission Hidden advertisements in media (advertorials). Assuming you have made agreed-on payments and otherwise cooperated, you should have no problem with this element. CBS noted that its website was also updated to say: "These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Browse our collection of false advertising information for news stories, slideshows, opinion pieces and related videos posted on AOL. Obtain Medical Records. So far everyone I know has told me to sue. ’s motion to dismiss the groups’ lawsuit , filed in April, 2017. Being arrested is traumatizing B. Our consumer protection team handles claims of: False advertising. Sending a false DMCA take-down notice can hold severe penalties, as one copyright owner, Universal Music, may soon find out. 26 Aug 2019 Violating these regulations can lead to medical board discipline and fines, can State laws may also allow patients to sue the physician for damages if they practice jurisdiction and in any other state in which you will be advertising. government will sue a firm for false advertising. These claims can be tough to win. Mar 17, 2010 · Additionally, if you know who made those claims, you should report that person to the proper authorities — both the hospital and healthcare provider, and the police. Your facts do not permit much analysis. Can I sue a church for false and May 10, 2018 · Footwear company Skechers sued Adidas in federal court Thursday, claiming its competitor created false advertising and unfair competition by funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars in secret Jun 02, 2019 · The former student sued her university for "exaggerating the prospects of a career". Put that [censor] on one of your commercials, then no one would ever want to sue you for fraud, BECAUSE THEY WOULD KNOW THE TRUE SIDE OF EVEREST. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. So if you can't be arsed to do the proper due diligence when perusing a list of prospective unis, Jan 27, 2016 · Federal Trade Commission sues DeVry University for deceptive advertising The FTC is seeking to stop DeVry from making any other false marketing claims and to provide monetary relief for tens Can you sue for false advertising - Answered by a verified Consumer Protection Lawyer We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Twice!! ARU insurers paid out to prevent costs rising - and ARU did NOT agree with that action. Instead, Eastman’s false advertising claims are based on non-scientific materials, such as an advertising brochure, press releases, and Defendants’ website, none of which included the full Dec 12, 2012 · For better or worse, Americans tend to take it as an article of faith that if someone does you wrong, you can sue. Couple sues Taco Bell for deceptive advertising after being overcharged $2. You will need well documented evidence. Find Out How Our Connecticut False Arrest Attorneys Can Stand Up for Your Rights. 4. Dec 30, 2011 · False Advertising? Angry Hybrid Owner Suing Honda Saying Car Doesn’t Get 51 MPG I can sue for up to $10,000 — it’s very easy. So if the dealer did not reveal the true condition of the car that you purchased during your transaction you can sue a car dealership for fraudulent misrepresentation. Most graduates I've encountered never got the job they signed The HK police shouldn't get away with it. Can You Sue the BBB for an F? Can you sue the Better Business Bureau for giving your business an “F?” And why should all consumer-facing businesses care take note of this issue? For decades, the Better Business Bureau has been providing information to consumers about the quality of various businesses. You should discuss your situation in person with an attorney who handles education and administrative law but it is highly unlikely that you  Yes, you can sue for false advertising. Complaints include breach of contract and false advertising. In every situation, we can work with you to identify your options, marshal your best arguments, and minimize your risks. 1 Through live online classes, interactive content, and in-person learning experiences, students can advance into marketing leadership roles. Aug 13, 2009 · University Of Advancing Technology UAT Deceptive Practices, Education Malpractice, False Advertising New Orleans, Louisiana *Consumer Comment: A good tech school, game design is just hard *Consumer Comment: In Concurrence with the Original Report *General Comment: Non-Deceptive Practices So say you sue the girl in question. People qualify if they filed a lawsuit within six months of losing Jun 02, 2019 · Pok Wong LOST in Court. ADVERTISEMENT  28 Oct 2016 Students who believe they were wronged by their college will now be able to get their day in court. 29 Nov 2017 The suit against San Diego-based Ashford University alleges the California's attorney general on Wednesday sued San Diego-based Advertisement It specifically recounts the experience of one supervisor in the ““Bridgepoint's institutions serve as a model for how online education can better the  16 Oct 2018 Students have sued at least six Indiana colleges and universities According to his records, an average of one lawsuit has been filed Jennifer Drobac, an Indiana University Robert H. How do you acquire rights in a trademark? 5. Manufacturers or distributors of the product or service used as bait can also sue the seller for trademark infringement, on the grounds that the seller uses trademarked images of the product or service in their advertisements with no intention to sell them. The Washington Post logo. The Department of Education said Friday that colleges will be “We've seen that many of these students have been harmed, they have . If you meet the requirements for a civil action, you can sue someone for libel or slander if they have written or said something bad about you. In 2016, the Federal Trade Commission charged the DeVry University for violated federal law because of false advertising statements. McKinney School of Law professor, maintains false accusations are very rare. read In some cases, you may also be able to sue a third party other than your employer who is partially responsible for your injury. Learn more about this and related topics at FindLaw's Torts and Personal Injuries section. org) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Madison, CT, whose mission is to be the go-to online resource dedicated to empowering consumers to protect themselves and one another against false advertising and deceptive marketing. 13 Sep 2016 We were sold Hillman College when, really, we were going to Winchester. com Capella University Facts Many former students of CAPELLA are plagued with high debt to income ratios after taking out student loans from this for-profit university. There are, in general, three questions that you must be able to answer before you can seriously consider filing a lawsuit. DETERMINING TRADEMARK STANDING IN THE WAKE OFLEXMARK John L. The attorney listings on this site are paid attorney advertising. Paulson & Nace now offers a wide array of legal services in the areas of consumer protection and privacy violations. for the calendar year, the employer must deposit at least one quarterly payment. If you think that you have been denied fair housing rights, then take the initiative and talk to a civil rights attorney about your situation. The accounts you mentioned are in collections that wound up on your credit report. Learn more Apr 24, 2012 · A Texas couple who filed a defamation lawsuit over three years ago against anonymous posters on the Internet forum Topix. 19 Retired professor of philosophy, Dr. If you need help with your Borrower’s Defense Application, feel free to post questions in the Comments section below here and I’ll do my If you have been accused of defamation, or someone has defamed you, you'll want to know more about the law and your rights. First, you must ask yourself if you have a good case. Dec 24, 2013 · If someone causes you mental stress and trauma — such as anxiety or paranoia — you can sue him or her for damages under the legal theory of emotional distress. With MBA@Syracuse, the online MBA program offered by Syracuse University’s Martin J. If you've been falsely accused, you may have a You must prove that you did what was required of you under the terms of the contract. What did they tell or promise you? You’ll need to include that in your claim on the BDAR application. Can you sue a company which provides a free product company for false advertising? Yes, you can sue anyone for anything. Is the person you are suing able to pay? If you want to sue a neighbor because the neighbor behaves badly, will suing make the neighbor behave better? Courts cannot force good behavior. What is a trademark? 2. Bittner’s scientific paper, which was also published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. That double chalupa item that they advertise should be discontinued, at least from being advertised. 1 A lawyer who treats a client dishonestly may face liability on either of * Managing Director, Aon Professional Services, Chicago, Illinois. Oct 22, 2015 · “This decision is really beneficial for consumers,” he said. Also, someone who suffers economically just because someone else’s business is hurt by false advertising can’t sue. Some of our attorneys’ successful representations of qui tam whistleblowers in federal and state false claims act cases include: United States ex rel. Garber Reiterates University's Position If you believe you have been discriminated against in the workplace, **you may not file a lawsuit against your employer until you file a charge of discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. com. Slate relies on advertising to 3 Comments on “For-profit colleges accused of misleading students with false information” Enrollment at the University of Phoenix drops 42 percent ~ Blog ~ CollegeScholarships. For example, if a defective product you used at work injured you, you might be able to sue the manufacturer of that product, in addition to filing a workers’ compensation claim. The Federal Trade Commission enforces these truth-in-advertising laws Anyone can sue anyone for anything, but it's not clear what "false promises" you think were made. Even local trade practices deemed unfair or deceptive may fall within the jurisdiction of FTC laws and regulations when they have an adverse effect on interstate Ultimately, records show, they determined in May 2010 that the program had illegally engaged in false advertising, and they asked their bosses to sue unless the business agreed to pay the state $5 meanings. Can You Sue Your College? President Obama Says Yes You Can. Defamation Explained If someone made untrue statements about you to the police and these statements caused you material harm, then you may be able to sue for defamation of Former Tampa area philosophy professor to sue “Choose Your Own Adventure” publisher for false advertising University of South Florida – Tampa – Saturday, 1. District Judge Lucy Koh said a nonprofit run by conservative radio talk show host Dennis Prager failed to show that YouTube infringed its free speech rights by Apr 05, 2019 · The Michigan Supreme Court says people wrongfully accused of defrauding Michigan’s unemployment program can sue the state. reading a newspaper so people will leave you alone Kaplan Sues Princeton Review in False Advertising Claim "This was so blatant that we felt we had to sue," Rosen added. 2 Jun 2019 settlement with Anglia Ruskin university after suing for false advertising. Implications. Can trademark rights be lost? 7. A lot has been written about using real people, places, and corporations in fictional works. Epp v. Aug 23, 2019 · Appeals court says Durham police can’t sue Crown for ‘negligent’ advice in botched ‘Mr. We use cookies for analytics, advertising and to improve our site. ”. If you think you might be eligible, and your address has changed since you attended DeVry, you can call the FTC refund administrator at 844-578-2645 to update your address. ” False imprisonment is the unlawful restraint of a person against her will by someone without legal authority or justification. Quick question. In some countries advertising practices ( including "truth in One form of false advertising is to claim that a product has a health benefit or contains vitamins or A false advertisement can further be classified as deceptive if the advertiser Cornell University School of Hotel Administration. Contact a local defamation attorney to learn more about how they can help. rival firms are not eligible to sue another firm for false advertising. to sue! A false accusation doesn't just land you unfairly in jail. It can hamper your future career. Important decisions related to your case can be complicated -- including which laws apply, whether you must file a claim with the government, and where you should file your lawsuit. E. You want to let consumers know of your expertise, the benefits you can provide, and to distinguish your practice above your competitors. Users can also filter by topic, to limit the matrix to certain topics of interest (i. Car buyers have the right to know the truth about the vehicle that they purchase. I have a stylist friend who has a 1 star ranking because of 1 review… but all of the 4-5 star rankings were blacklisted by Yelps “automated server” to crack down and only post “reliable reviews”. O. Many states have a specific false advertising law that gives consumers the right to sue businesses for misleading them  Can you sue the school and get your money back—or even get the school to pay by calling itself a university (despite its lack of accreditation) and by falsely  3 Jun 2019 Does this mean I can get a refund for that Philosophy degree. ”11 Jul 24, 2018 · Austin, TX (July 24, 2018) — Attorney John Fabry of The Carlson Law Firm has filed a lawsuit on behalf of Texas residents who have fallen victim to the predatory practices of DeVry University— the for-profit institution that has recently seen itself embattled with numerous allegations of fraud, including by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Apr 24, 2014 · An end-user purchaser can’t sue, regardless of whether that end-user is an individual consumer or a business. 6. Apr 09, 2009 · Did you Know: Wisconsin Laws Protect Consumers from False Advertising Many states have laws designed to discourage false advertising statements. Sue’s research shows that people can have false memories for brand names and adverts that were not seen. Coggio is Of Counsel to the New York office of Fish & Richardson. However, you can make a complaint about poor teaching or malpractice which led to you receiving a bad mark. I applied to the school mostly for its BS/MD type program. The Federal Trade Commission is now investigating whether the for-profit school has engaged Supreme Court Says Pom Can Sue Coca-Cola Over Juice Label one allowing private lawsuits over misleading advertising and the other authorizing federal California State University, Fullerton. You  2 Jun 2019 She sued them for false advertising in the university's prospectus. However, you’ll need to be very specific about what the school did that convinced you to take out the loan. BE honest, BU! False Advertising: A Discussion of a Competitor's Rights and Remedies Gary Schuman * INTRODUCTION Advertising theoretically provides the public with information about products and services in a convenient and understandable manner so that consumers can differentiate between available brands. Believe me; I would much rather help your attorney defend you than help the plaintiff’s attorney prosecute you. Asia students have filed a class-action suit against New York University (NYU). false advertising and for violating Nevada's deceptive trade practices law. As a result, if you or a loved one have been the victims of deceptive trade practices in MD, you should consult with an Annapolis injury lawyer and find out how you can recover damages. Second, it's such an obvious statement that it hardly needs saying. , which for years has manufac-tured and sold “components necessary to remanufacture Lexmark [’s] However, some employment contracts restrict the employer’s termination rights by, for example, stating that you can be fired only for specified reasons (like committing financial malfeasance) or that you can be fired only for good cause. com won a $13. , Aug. And the evidence at trial showed that prospective students did so rely. Wisconsin's laws allow individuals and legal entitles who suffer monetary damages because of untrue, deceptive or misleading advertising statements to sue the seller and, in many cases, recover their As any lawyer will tell you, you should always sit down and carefully think about filing a lawsuit before you go ahead with the process. 15 Oct 2015 Do you have a cause of action for a lawsuit? However, being a private school or private college, does not exempt them from being sued by You have been induced to enroll because of those false or misleading statements  Media defense lawyers would do well to remind Trump of his sorry record in In 2010, Trump switched gears and filed a libel suit on behalf of Trump University, his . Mar 27, 2018 · In a decision late Monday, U. If you feel you strongly about it then go for it. Mar 29, 2019 · If you believe a company is advertising something that is not true, there is something you can do. Your university should have a separate appeals procedure for this. 3 Apr 2019 The parent of Monster Energy drinks is suing the maker of rival Bang drinks for alleged false advertising “Monster is simply living up to its reputation of being an overly “The battle becomes how well you take sales from other companies Monster said in its suit that a Yale University pharmacologist had  18 Apr 2019 An Australian woman sued a salon in 2018 after she claimed the False advertisement lawsuits are a dime a dozen, but this one was particularly frivolous . can you sue a university for false advertising

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